Dis-Gracepoint Announcement: Merger

Hello Disgracepoint readers,

During these tough economic times, sometimes we need to cut our costs and merge businesses that overlap in their core products. We have come to know of a site called "punwithgracepoint" (http://punwithgracepoint.blogspot.com/), which has been trying to impose their own brand of humor (word puns) to the rest of us.

Some people found the word puns to be hilarious, but I can tell you now: None of the English Patients found that site to be funny at all. In fact, they hardly found it understandable. How would you like it if your friends told you, "Oh my, check out this site... it's so funny! But it's written in a foreign language that you don't understand." No, you wouldn't like that at all.

So for the sake of Sister G's and Brother Y's among us, disgracepoint has decided to do a friendly merger with punwithgracepoint writers, who are from Gracepoint Austin. So from now on, these anti-English Patient writers will write into disgracepoint. So let's welcome them, despite their formerly exclusive form of humor. And I want to encourage all of us to comment on their word pun humor, especially the English Patients among us...


maurice said...

10q, Daniel, for being dis-Gracious enough to agree to the merger. I hope you will have lots of (English) patients with us, as we try to produce puntent to match the caliber of this blog's esteemed and storied work. We at punwithgracepoint hope to keep up with your quality and and perhaps even add a new punspective to the humor around here. Like the Baby Bells slowly joining together again, we hope to provide more powerful humor to the masses through this new humor monopunly. Yay!

johnclin said...

The urgency of this timely move means it was an e-merger-cy.

And thanks for the welcome to Dis-Gracepoint!

Anonymous said...


md said...


English Patient: Trash Talking

Setting : Brother B trash talking on the basketball court... B: I just can read your book like my hand.