English Patient: Penmanship

Setting: watching a men's volleyball game during the Olympics

English Patient W: Wow, they have great penmanship!

Friend T: Don’t you mean… sportsmanship?

English Patient W: No. I think there’s another word that means “sportsmanship”, but it starts with the letter “P”. Isn’t there a word like that?

Friend T: Umm.. not that I know of. (laugh)

English Patient W: Really! There is such a word! Hey, sister E! Isn’t there a word that starts with “P”, but means sportsmanship?

English Patient E: No, not that I can think of, but it’s okay. I can kind of see your confusion. Penmanship kind of sounds like a real word.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I can't think of such a word either, but I'm sure some people with good pun-manship could make up one.

Daniel Kim said...

Somehow, punsters have taken over disgracepoint comments.. so that puns are now showing up even in English Patient posts. What's going on?

kenny said...

Yup, it sure seems like the punsters are taking over this site!

You should of seen the "handwriting" on the wall.

Anonymous said...

I hope you can be a good sportspun about it, Daniel

Anonymous said...

I am in favor of the punsters going back to having their own site!

Anonymous said...

Maybe these English patients were taught by their grammars and grampars.

Anonymous said...

Where do you get "P" when thinking of sportsmanship?
At the end? Sportsmanship spelled backwards?
Good Participation?
Association with "poor" as in "poor sportsmanship"?
Playership? Association with sports "player"?
Good Play?
Politeness? listed "probity: complete and confirmed integrity."
There. That'll work. I can stop obsessing about finding P-synonyms to sportsmanship.

Yang said...

this is a combo hit

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