English Patient: Mad Cow Disease

submitted by Judy Walters

Setting: During the years when there was a scare about the mad cow disease, a particular English Patient Sister H kept to a very strict diet of not eating any beef.

Friend: Wow, it's amazing that you're not eating any beef. What do you eat instead?

English Patient H: Hamburger.. because it's made out of ham.


sean said...

oh no! Hope Sister H was okay.

su said...

wow. this is one of those posts that makes me keep laughing... =)

Marcus said...

Perfectly understandable.

Veggie-burger = burger made out of veggies,

Turkey-burger = burger made out of turkey,

Ham-burger = burger made out of ham

hamburger = burger made out of beef.

Who thought up this crazy language anyway?

Anonymous said... cheeseburgers aren't made out of cheese?

joyceyen said...

actually, it was a lot funnier, because Sister H was really adamant on checking in what her roommates were cooking. Every time they had some kind of meat cooking, she would exclaim, "IS THAT BEEF?" to which her roommates had to assure her, it was pork, chicken, etc.

and the ensuing stories that follow are even more hilarious, her anonymous roommates will have to share on some future post!

maurice said...

I wonder what she thought Bongo burger was made of

janice said...

oh my! poor sister H... but gotta admit, this is pretty funny. :)

Dennis said...

funny comment by mo :)ll

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