Joys of Teaching: Misdiagnosis

Context: Ms. K's class. Having a discussion of Shakespeare's Othello. Finished a scene, during which the protagonist has an epileptic seizure.

Student 1: Ms. K, what's an epileptic seizure?

Ms. K (thinking to herself...uh oh...): Uh...well, there's a neurological condition called epilepsy, and because of abnormal or irregular brain activity, a person can have seizures...

(Student 2 talking excitedly and in hushed tones to Student 3.)

Ms. K: Student 2, is everything all right? What's going on?

Student 2 (looking really worried): My cousin has epilepsy. I didn't know he had seizures and stuff. I just thought he had trouble reading because he saw letters backwards and switched around.

Ms. K (beat, stifling a giggle): I don't think you have to worry.

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n said...

Epilepsy DOES cause seizures though.

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