English Patient: Star Wars Names

Our very own Brother Y was considering what he should change his name to if he gets an English name.  One of the conditions set forth by brother Y was that it must start with the letter "Y".

Brother A: Hey, why don't you choose Yoda?

Brother Y: Well, if I choose Yoda as my name, then we would have two Star Wars characters in our apartment, since one of the other brother's nickname is Skywalker.

Brother A: Hey, that's right!

Brother Y: We should just get a Star Wars character name for everyone else.  So who wants to be the Dark Waiter?


Dark Waiter said...

Luke, I am your waiter...

Anonymous said...

I think Brother P can make a good candidate for Dark Waiter

Anonymous said...

^ I concur :)

Anonymous said...

Brother P IS the Dark Waiter

Beautiful Sunset

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