Traffic Ticket

Setting: Brother M was driving some people in SF and accidentally got on the wrong side of the road, and a police officer pulled him over.

Police: Do you know what you did wrong?

Brother M: Umm... I made a wrong turn and I was driving on the wrong side of the road.

(The police officer shines the light into the car and shines the light onto one of the friends)

Police: Can you tell your driver friend here which side of the road American drive on?

Friend 1: Ummm... Left??

Police: (pauses, then shines light on Friend 2) Can YOU tell us which side of the road Americans drive on?

Friend 2: Umm... Rrriiight??

Police: Is that a question??  (Turning to Brother M) Do you know how much this ticket is going to cost?

Brother M: I don't know.. a lot?

Police: At least 500.  Do you think you can afford that?  What do you do for a living?

Brother M: I'm a lawyer.

End of the story - the cop actually let them go with a warning at the end.  I think he might have just been amused.


Anonymous said...

Where is the checkbox for "Unbelievable"........

Dustin said...

Yeeesh...Can driver licenses be collectively revoked? Hahaha.

Anonymous said...

I see, to get out of a ticket, just say you're a lawyer!

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