Hurting: Wife's Name

submitted by James Fullmer

Setting: Claire Kim, wife of James Kim, used to be named "Soo Jung". It wasn't until relatively recently that she got her English name, Claire. So it took everyone, including James, some time to get used to her new name. Brother JF meets them and greets them at their baby-shower party.

James: Hi, this is my wife, Sue.

Soo Jung: Umm... actually, my name is Claire.

Brother JF: (thinking, "Oh my gosh, what is wrong with James?!?")

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Unknown said...

By the time we met JF, I had been Claire for 3 years! James has been doing this on purpose and it was only when we recently joined Youth, that he stopped doing it. Now he refers to me as Teacher Claire most of the time, and so does my kid.

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