Love and Marriage: Keys

I don’t remember this incident personally. But the content of this submission really sounds like something that could have happened to me and Sarah, so I’m going to assume that it really happened and put it in.

Setting: Sarah and I were picking up Brother Steve and Eunice back from Cambodia Summer Mission Trip. Once we got to their house, they realized that neither of them had brought their keys. They checked the lockbox, and the key was not in there. So there we were, waiting outside their condo while Steve and Eunice were trying to break into their own home.

Sarah: I can’t believe neither of them brought their keys.

Daniel: I know.


Daniel: Did you bring your keys to our house?

Sarah: No, did you?

Daniel: No.


stephany said...

haha! i love these stories of you and Sarah because i can imagine the two of you and the expression on your faces throughout the incidents. :D

Anonymous said...

This is classic.

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