At a Korean Restaurant

Anonymous Brother T, the owner of Dish-Gracepoint blog, who is quite bad at Korean, keeps on trying to order food in Korean at a Korean restaurant... After several attempts, the waiter finally says to brother T:

"Ummm... excuze me, can you prease speak Engrish?"

Brother Steve, who is better in Korean than the previously-mentioned brother T by a very slight margin, says to the waitress:

"Jae-ga due-jii-bul-go-gi..."

Which translates to: "I am spicy pork."

p.s.: Brother Steve was a valedictorian in his Korean school while growing up.


Unknown said...

It is time to write more blogs on Korean/Chinese Patients.

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Anonymous said...

When he speaks Korean (or attempts to, at least) in the company of his peers, this is the same Brother T who often receives encouraging words such as: "T, if you don't have someone to interpret, please stop speaking in tongues!"

stephany said...

question: how big was the pool at brother Steve's Korean school?

Daniel Kim said...

I believe the whole school had 4 students.

Anonymous said...

It's all good. Much more palatable than cockroach stories.

Anonymous said...

everyone knows Steve used his jedi "suh" mind tricks to convince someone to make him valedictorian.

I think he could become the US president one day. I'm looking forward to the state of the union address starting with "Basically..." and then saying "I'm gonna tell you a secret..."

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