Disgracepoint Berkeley poll

I've created a new poll for Gracepoint Berkeley - on the right sidebar. You can vote for multiple answers. And if you have any other suggestions for MVP, please comment on this post.


Anonymous said...

haha we should call this site disgracekimpoint :)

Daniel Kim said...

I am surprised by the close poll so far... with Pastor Manny leading as of Aug 14.. I thought that it would be a blowout by Sister G. Maybe people don't recognize that sister G provides 80% of the English Patient quotes..

danchiang said...

yes, i think it's only a matter of time before we see a copycat site: Dis-Grace-point. I was thinking yesterday that all of these English patient quotes could be compiled into a neat book. There's no other book like that out there. It would sell like hotcakes. Or, in honor of Sister G, sell like cupcakes.

Anonymous said...

Hi Daniel,
Who is this Sister G? Is this a generic sister at Gracepoint Fellowship Church or a specific sister?
-Pastor Jonathan

Daniel Kim said...

Believe it or not, sister G is a specific sister at Gracepoint Berkeley.

English Patient: Self-Flagellation

Setting: Brother X talking about overly beating himself up... X: Ah man.. I'm so self-flatulating.