Demotivator Caption Contest

textbook or menu?

This is a picture of an anonymous studious brother, reading a textbook to see what he should order at a Chinese restaurant. What kind of caption would perfectly capture this picture?

Note: Be witty. I will reject submissions that demonstrate personal issues that you have with nerds who scored higher than you in all your classes.


Anonymous said...


When you go to another source for direction.

Marcus said...

Chinese 1A: If all you got out of it was a textbook, you're better off relying on your Chinese friends.

Chinese Food: Sometimes it seems like there are just too many options!

James Nam: When you look like the Chinese gold-medal gymnast, you don't have to bother yourself with trivialities like ordering.

Jen Tse said...

Warning: You're still not going to be able to order food after taking Chinese.

stephany said...

ordering: who needs English translations on the menu when you have a Chinese dictionary?

double checking: so we don't make the same mistakes as Brother Tom and and Brother Steve

Anonymous said...

Studying: What better time than anytime... or why not just all the time?

Anonymous said...

Studying for your Chinese test at a Chinese restaurant will not increase your chances of getting an A.

Yang said...

Chinese food: It might be better to actually not know what you are eating.

Anonymous said...

When what's on the menu just aren't good enough for you.

Something you know you need when the last time you tried to order sweet and sour chicken in chinese, the waiter brought you garlic egg soup.

Anonymous said...

Futility: Learning Chinese won't help if the waiter can't get past your Korean accent.

Anonymous said...

Role Model:
When my kids grow up, I want them to be exactly like James Nam...

Because man does not live on Chinese food alone

There’s a reason why some people go farther in life

John Ng said...

When there aren't enough choices on the menu.

Only for those with "special needs"

Sometimes, the truth hurts.

Unknown said...

OVERBOARD: Put the chinese textbook down... It's translated on the menu.

LOST IN TRANSLATION: "Mongolian beef over rice" doesn't need any further explanation.

Anonymous said...


Where Chinese restaurants give you reading assignments before ordering.

Unknown said...

Johnny Yang: There is no such thing called privacy when you have a friend like him.

Unknown said...

Accountability: Why bother to put on a mask when your friends already know and share everything about you?

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