Hurting: Dollar Store

Sister S: Oh, where did you get that vase?

Sister M: The dollar store.

Sister S: How much was it?


Robert Kim said...

In defense of Sister M - the dollar store no longer only employs only dollar items - the dollar store name has become to refer to a store that sells item for cheap.

Anonymous said...

Robert, your explanation makes a lot of cents.

Anonymous said...

Disturbing trend here of people punning in their comments to non-pun items. "You are free to, but you must not" might apply here. Boundaries are good things,if only to prevent puns from spreading to other domains of non-sick humor.

sean said...

Vase for one dollar?? Wow, get me one!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, you really don't like puns do ya? It sounds like they make you really dollarous.

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