Pun With Gracepoint: Thanks a lot

Setting: One of the sisters made a batch of Japanese rice cakes.

Bryan: Wow, this tastes sooo good!
David: Yeah, better than the store-bought version, even!
Pundit: Yes, Lillian - thank you so mochi.


kenny said...

We need mo' cheesy puns please!

Anonymous said...

These are getting increasingly more painful.

Anonymous said...

according to today's 'Breakpoint' even Jesus was a punner.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, you can't 'dduk' these puns any longer (korean pun).

Lillian said...

*sigh... i cried the day disgracepoint decided to engage in a most egregious merger with pun w/ disgracepoint.

Beautiful Sunset

Setting: Leaving Zion National Park Brother J: Wow, the sun is so beautiful.  Did you know that it sets in the south here?