Hurting: Offering Prayer

Submitted by Sandra Lee

A couple of years ago, a person went up for Worship Service offering prayer and it went like this...

"Father, forgive us our farts... our faults."

Not sure if others heard, but I'm just reporting what Sandra said.


Anonymous said...

I like the "reactions" thing at the end of each post! Reminds me of the options on Yelp (cool/funny/useful).

Anonymous said...

Actually this was during a JL mtg., where a certain teacher was asked to pray to close the mtg. He/she prayed, "And Lord, please forgive us our far-...", paused, then slowly continued "...faults" and finished the prayer.

Everyone preserved the illusion of normalcy, and did not acknowledge the noxious mistake - except however a certain older sister teacher who let out a half-stifled laugh, almost car-wrecking the entire prayer. But luckily the unfortunate brother/sister who was praying, managed to finish with a straight face.

It was simultaneously hilarious yet tragic.

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