Pun With Gracepoint: I have no idea

Setting: Driving on Hwy 183, a couple of brothers pass Highland Lanes bowling alley.

David: Hey, Highland Lanes! You ever been there?
Maurice: No, not yet - but I think I've seen it before when I ate around here. Are we near 'Din Ho' Chinese restaurant?
David: shrug I dinho.


kenny said...

That pun was dinho-myte!

david lee said...

Chinese restaurants are a 'Daimo' dozen in the Bay.

Anonymous said...

Oh 'Cam-Huong', are you kidding me?

Anonymous said...

Where are the real punsters?

Daniel Kim said...

The real punsters are in hiding right now, because they have a hard time reading these puns without feeling extremely nauseated.

English Patient: Trash Talking

Setting : Brother B trash talking on the basketball court... B: I just can read your book like my hand.