Dis-Gracepoint Football

There was one time when Brother K was just throwing a football around with Brother R, a good football player.

Then Brother K had a great idea and told Brother R, “Hey, you’re a kicker, right? Why don’t you kick the ball as high as you can to me?”

Brother R asked Brother K if he was sure, and K taunted him, “Come on, R, give it your best shot, come on!”

Then Brother R kicked the football high up into the air, higher than Brother K has ever seen any manmade object go. Brother K ran to the landing spot where he projected the football would come down, and as he waited there for the next few seconds, the football was still coming down, accelerating and picking up speed as it spun downward, downward, downward. Brother K, while watching the football coming down at an incredible speed approaching terminal velocity, realized that he could hurt himself if he tried to catch the football. So at the last second, Brother K decided that he’s not going to try to catch this football, and he tried to bail by jumping out of the way. However, the football was coming down so fast at this point that Brother K simply could not get out of the way fast enough, resulting in the football hitting the chest of Brother K with frightening power, knocking the wind out of Brother K’s lungs. And he was falling, Brother K sprained both of his ankles.

The next day, when asked how he sprained both of his ankles, Brother K simply replied, “Football.”


Robert Kim said...

For technical accuracy - He's a punter.

Brother K said...

I am Brother K. Though the truth is that I did sprain both my ankles during this unfortunate incident, I like to say I did not bail like most people would and I actually caught the ball when it reached terminal velocity. Thanks =)

brother e said...

Brother K, I don't know who you are, but don't be discouraged by all the "sad" rankings on your post. When you make it to the top, you'll find a lot of critics. You sound like top 5 material in my book.

Anonymous said...

This delusion is a close second to where Brother W thought he could walk-on to Cal basketball.

Anonymous said...

Sign him up for the Cal special teams unit!

steven_choi said...

This is one of the stories where you say, "Wow, that can kind of thing is physically capable of happening?"

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