Absalom, Absalom

Friend: Oh man, I forget... what was that guy in the Bible?  King David's son... who had long hair and ended up getting killed because his hair got caught in the tree or something?

Brother M: Oh I know!  It's Aragorn!


Anonymous said...

The story doesn't end there.

When told that Aragorn wasn't David's son and that Aragorn didn't actually die in the movies, Brother M responded:

"Oh, I was thinking of the other human guy who dies..."
Brother R: You mean Boromir?
Brother M: Yeah, that guy. He's the one that was killed by those goblins, right?
Brother R: You mean orcs?
Brother M (a little exasperated at this point because all his facts are wrong): Whatever. I don't remember the second movie that well. What was it, the Twin Towers?

Kelly said...

Hilarious stuff...mixing up Scripture with LotR...

Anonymous said...

I charge Brother M, who is clearly not an LotR fans, with 5 counts of fail.

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