Gracepoint TC: Breakdance

This TC act won the award: "The most blatant use of TC to relive his glory days"

Actually, many people were kind of confused by this portion of the act, wondering, "So... the Pharoah won?" This was the first time that a breakdance routine caused some theological problems. But a2f clarified and said that the final move that the Pharaoh character did was a "death" move.


steven_choi said...

I remember watching this with my friends who were new to Gracepoint and explaining to them, "Um...yeah, skits in TC don't necessarily have to make sense."

William Kang said...

What I did at TC I did for the church and I did it free of charge. As the saying goes, there is no charge for awesomeness.

Anonymous said...

I don't know who won, but I can tell you that we lost.

Sam Ordonia said...

Is there a "Jesus Rocks" clip too? :D

Beautiful Sunset

Setting: Leaving Zion National Park Brother J: Wow, the sun is so beautiful.  Did you know that it sets in the south here?