Hurting: The Most Memorable LIFE Group

Near the end of the semester, our freshmen LIFE group (Gracepoint's small group) went up to a park up Euclid to have our final LIFE group meeting. There is a very fun concrete slide up there, next to the playground. Some of the brothers were on the swings, trying to jump off the swing and seeing who can go the furthest, etc.

Staff brother J, who was also there, was swaying lightly on the swing – and from the looks of his leg motions, it was obvious that he didn’t really play on the swings much when he was a child. He just sat there barely swinging, trying unsuccessfully to fit into the scene.

Afterwards, we ran up the hill and had our final sharing time. During the sharing time, Brother J said, “Umm… I just wanted to warn you.. I feel like throwing up.”

To make a long story short, basically, brother J almost threw up during our final prayer. We all asked if he was okay, and he kept on saying, “yeah, I’m okay, I’m okay. Just pray.” But as soon as we tried to pray, brother J would make these throwing-up noises, while at the same time telling us that he’s fine, and that we should just pray.

When asked why he felt like throwing up, brother J said, “I think it was the swings.”


Anonymous said...


Steven Chang said...

Unfortunately, Brother J found out he had the stomach flu the next day =). But then he got better.

Unknown said...

So I suppose Brother J is one of 07 bros?

Anonymous said...

Actually, I was shocked to find out that there really are people who get sick on playground swings. They never speak up for fear of merciless mocking, and even say things like "weaksause" to cover up the fact that beads of sweat start to form at the mere sight of a playground swing.

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