Poor Sister SY: Balloons

There is a particular Sister S among us, whose had a younger sister that we will call Sister SY. Sister S and SYwere playing with their newly acquired helium balloons in their backyard when Sister S lost grip on her balloon, and she watched helplessly as her balloon floated away into the sky. After looking sadly up into the sky for a while, Sister S looked at SYballoon, then approached SY.

"Let go of your balloon," Sister S said.

"No, I don't want to," cried SY.

"Let go right now," demanded Sister S.

Crying, SY let go of her balloon and released it into the air. She stared at the sky in bewilderment as Sister S went back inside the house, feeling a little bit better about her own lost balloon.


Johnny said...

wow... can we have a hint who this powerful sister is?

Anonymous said...

It almost sounds like a Korean drama...

Anonymous said...

Misery loves company, I suppose.

Beautiful Sunset

Setting: Leaving Zion National Park Brother J: Wow, the sun is so beautiful.  Did you know that it sets in the south here?