Pun With Gracepoint: Don't want to miss out

Setting: At the Ft. Worth 'Stockyards,' walking around in the 105+ degree weather proved draining, until some brothers found a relief station set up near the museum, with a large industrial fan that had an integrated fine water mist spray system, providing much relief.

Pundit: Come on, that must be just a gimmick. Your glasses are just getting wet. How cool could it make you feel?
Wayne: No, really, come on and try it! It really works! Evaporation or something.
After Pundit tries the mist fan for himself...
Pundit: Wow. You're right. It's very refreshing. Good thing you told me to try it for myself - I almost mist it.

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Anonymous said...

i'm not a "fan" of that pun

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