Pun With Gracepoint: Choose the right one

Setting: Bryan is looking for the phone number of a Korean restaurant. David finds the number and gives it to him.

David: Alright Bryan, yeah, that's the number for Chosun Galbi. Hope the soup there is pretty tasty! (David hangs up)

David: Shoot! I didn't realize there were two numbers for Chosun Galbi. I'm not sure which location he wanted...

Pundit: Yeah. I hope you have Chosun the right one.


Anonymous said...

It seems like he picked the Korea-ct number, no?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous #1, that was egregious

Anonymous said...

Anonymous #2, did you think that was kimchee-sy?

mechinchangu said...

man thats brutal
Mo's puns alway get a lot of "Sad" votes in the poll.

Beautiful Sunset

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