Quotes by Gracepoint Kids


Maurice: Hey Michelle (4 year old goofy daughter of mine), do you want some cake?

Michelle: No, I can't.

Maurice: Really? Why not?

Michelle: (whispering to Maurice) If I have chocolate cake, I go crazy and start saying things like, "bah bah bah bah."

A few days later....

Michelle: Grandma, can I have some ice-cream?

Grandma: Sure... (gives her a small scoop)

Michelle: Can I have just a little bit more?

Grandma: Okay (gives her a little more)

Michelle: (pause) Grandma, did you forget that I can't eat sweet things?

Let's have a debate


  • Anna Kang: 10-year-old daughter of Pastor Ed Kang and Kelly Kang
  • Philip Sun: 8-year-old son of Tony Sun and Michelle Sun


While I was babysitting a few of the kids, I had set up a mock "debate" competition between the kids - one side defending dogs and the other side defending the cats as the ideal pets. Philip excitedly chose the dog side, and Anna chose the cat side.

Philip: I think dogs are the best, because they guard your house, and they are so glad when you come home. Cats don't do that. And dogs are useful because they can protect you, and they can guard you.

Anna: (during the cross-examination time) Okay, Philip, you say that dogs are more useful, but they are bigger than cats, right?

Philip: (not seeing the relevance) Yeah, so?

Anna: So they do take up more room in your house, especially since they are dirty and can't go to the bathroom by themselves.

Philip: Yeah, but there are some small dogs...

Anna: Are dogs dirtier than cats?

Philip: (reluctantly) Yeah, but still, they are more useful, because they are guarding the house.

Anna: You said that they protect you, but do all dogs protect you? In fact, didn't a dog recently kill a child?

Philip: .... but....

Anna: Did a dog kill a child or not?

Philip: ... Yeah, but not all dogs...

Anna: But some dogs do.

Philip: Yeah.

Anna: Have you ever heard of a cat killing a child?

Philip: No..

By this time, Philip started to tear up, and his own team members started to gravitate toward Anna. I was surprised to see him so shaken, because usually Philip is one who bosses every other kid around with his unshakable self-esteem. So I had to stop the mock debate and call the game off, giving Philip some time to recover (which he did within 30 seconds).


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That's funny!

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Keep it coming!

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Like father, like daughter. I love it!

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