Usage of Idioms

Setting: Sister Grace (last name unpublished) was hanging out with her peers, and they started to talk about how she is a FOB.

Grace: No, I'm not a FOB!

Others: Yes you are!

Grace: What are you talking about? I don't know what you are talking about.

Others: How about Jeanie? Is she a FOB?

(at this point, Jeanie walks in)

Grace: Well, speaking of the tiger!


Anonymous said...

haha, that's like gisun's slacks incident. she was trying to deny her fobbiness too!

Chris Park said...

In defense of grace (kind of)... there is a korean idiom that is similar to "speaking of the devil", but it has to do with a tiger: "호랑이도 제말하면 온다"

sarah song said...

Also in Grace's defense, I heard she corrected herself. After she said, "Speaking of the tiger," she realized it was wrong. So she then said, "Speaking of the witch?"