Usage of Idioms

Setting: Sister Grace (last name unpublished) was hanging out with her peers, and they started to talk about how she is a FOB.

Grace: No, I'm not a FOB!

Others: Yes you are!

Grace: What are you talking about? I don't know what you are talking about.

Others: How about Jeanie? Is she a FOB?

(at this point, Jeanie walks in)

Grace: Well, speaking of the tiger!


Anonymous said...

haha, that's like gisun's slacks incident. she was trying to deny her fobbiness too!

Anonymous said...

In defense of grace (kind of)... there is a korean idiom that is similar to "speaking of the devil", but it has to do with a tiger: "호랑이도 제말하면 온다"

Anonymous said...

Also in Grace's defense, I heard she corrected herself. After she said, "Speaking of the tiger," she realized it was wrong. So she then said, "Speaking of the witch?"

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