There was a story-worthy trip in which a group of brothers coming back from a domestic mission trip got lost so badly that they were on the road for an extra 2-3 hours... One of the more amazing parts of the story is that one of the brothers had a working GPS in the car..

So others asked him, "Didn't you have your GPS on?"

Brother C answers, "Yeah, it was turned on, but it kept on telling me to turn around, so I turned it off."

Some other brothers from that trip have compiled some things that they are thankful for:
1) I've always wondered Bakersfield is like but have never gotten around to it visiting. Now, I've confirmed my suspicions that it's not worth the trip
2) Thankful that we weren't on the way TO the mission trip
3) Thankful that there were no sisters with us.


Anonymous said...

Woah now! So much hate going on! I'll have you know that the Field has a lot to offer. A delightful detour on any roadtrip. Buck Owens anyone?

Jeff Chiu said...

I am so happy that my peer brother C has finally made his debut on disgracepoint muahahaha

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