Outsmarting the Phone Companies

submitted by David Lee of Gracepoint Austin

Sister S:  Hey, I figured out a way to not get charged for incoming text messages.

Friend:  Really?  How?

Sister S:  My phone lets me preview the first few words of my messages, and if I get the gist of the message, I won't open it, and so I won't get charged!  Mwuahahaha!  That'll show them.

Friend:  Um, you get charged either way because it got sent to you.

Sister S:  Oh.


Jeff Chiu said...


Sister S of Gracepoint Austin has interesting phone-related stories :D hahaha. (" Jesus' name I pray")

Daniel said...

Unfortunately, I used to think the same way as Sister S.

Anonymous said...

sadly, I thought that was the case for awhile too...

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