Friend In Need

Sister T is at the ARC (Davis's version of RSF) and has never been on a treadmill before but wants to try it out.  Sister M is running on the treadmill next to her.  Sister T stands on the treadmill and turns it on at full speed, thinking it can't be that fast--after all, a 25mph car ride seems so slow.  She flies off the treadmill.  Confused, she keeps trying to run back onto the treadmill to turn it off but she keeps falling off.  She even gets on her hands and knees, trying to climb back onto the treadmill but can't seem to do it.  Sister M has headphones on and is oblivious to the plight of Sister T right next to her.  Sister T gives up and taps on Sister M's shoulder who turns, reaches over, and presses the off button on Sister T's treadmill.

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Anonymous said...

oh my goodness! this is so sad!

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