Horse Divorce

Setting: A certain brother S is at a restaurant and is looking at the menu...

Brother S: Yeah, I would like to have some horse divorce.

Friend: Umm.. you mean hors d'oeuvres?

Brother S: How would I know? I don't speak Spanish!


Unknown said...

I don't know how to respond.

It's kind of like watching that "Beverly Hills Chihuahua" movie trailer before watching Prince Caspian... Why?

(Side Note: Why does a Chihuahua have to be the dog that represents Mexican people? Why not a pitbull or even a mutt. Anything is better than a Chihuahua. Even a mouse like Reepicheep would be more honorable.)

At least he didn't say "I don't speak Mexican!"

Anonymous said...

too funny...

English Patient: Self-Flagellation

Setting: Brother X talking about overly beating himself up... X: Ah man.. I'm so self-flatulating.